The Best Features in mogear

Unique Built-in Cooling Fan

The fan manufacture leading company has designed and developed a unique phone cooling fan case.

Smart Sensing Cooling Design

When internal temperature of the phone exceeds 40°C, the fan automatically turns on to keep the phone at the optimum temperature.

Cool LED signals

LED signals show all kinds of messages with different lightings, instant modern feels.

Lightweight and Stylish

With a lightweight design, the thickness of the case is just under 6mm.

Multifunctional Charging Cable

Combined with iPhone MFi certified charging connection and phone case charging connection, makes the charging process at ease.

Exclusive Built-In Battery

The built-in 400mA fan battery does not consume the phone battery power. It can last up to 8~17 hours.

mogear is SUNON's innovative smart phone cooling case. It protects your smart phone from aging or degrading as a result of high temperatures. It makes sure the phone maintains its optimal function and guarantees longer life of the phone battery and device.

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